Know and Grow!

For those who want access to high quality resources to help them understand the message and teachings of the Bible, know the good news of Jesus, and to grow in their faith and relationship with God, we recommend the following resources. Please feel free to reach out to our leaders for more information.

What is the Story of All of Us?

The Bible tells us the story of God and humanity, how it began, who we are, and where it is all going. This short six-minute video explains this story in four acts 1) Creation, 2) The Fall, 3) The Rescue, 4) The Restoration. It shows how it is the story of all of us and how you can find forgiveness, purpose, and satisfaction by joining God in His story.

Watch The Story

What is the Radical Good News of Jesus?

The Bible is the all-time world's bestselling book, yet many people don't know the big idea of its message and why it changes everything. This link, in just a few minutes, offers a great summary of the good news of Jesus, and how there are really only two ways to live. (We recommend "English Mobile Friendly" version. There are also other languages, a video, and a child-friendly version.)

What is God's Life-Changing Good News?

Who is Jesus and Why Does it Matter?

Would you like to learn more about Jesus, who he is, why he came, and why his life, death, and resurrection matter today? The Essential Jesus is a great place to start. This short book summarizes the message of the whole Bible, presents the story of Jesus recorded in the gospel of Luke, and explains the good news of how this changes everything. Click the link below for a kindle copy.

Learn about the Essential Jesus

The Story of the Bible (In Video!)

Want to learn more about the Bible through extremely well-done animated videos? The Bible Project offers many free videos exploring important biblical themes, books of the Bible, and words. Start with this 5-minute video on the Story of the Bible!

VIDEO: The Story of the Bible (The Bible Project)

The Bible App

Read, listen to, watch, and share the Bible on almost any device using the #1 rated Bible App—completely free! It is available in hundreds of languages and offering many high-quality versions. We recommend using the English Standard Version (ESV) which is the highly accurate and readable translation we use most often in our gatherings.

Download The Bible App

Desiring God

The goal of Desiring God is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ and to help people embrace the truth that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. Their website has a wealth of resources including audio and video sermons, blog, books, ebooks, apps and is founded by well-known pastor and author John Piper.

Visit Desiring God

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition seeks to help people know God’s Word with their minds, love God fully with their hearts, and engage the world with grace and truth. They offer multimedia content, events, courses, books, and training, and seek to communicate both the costly call (Matt. 16:24) and the comforting consolation of Christ (Matt. 11:29-30) and his gospel.

Visit the Gospel Coalition

Tim Challies

Christian author and blogger Tim Challies is a favorite of pastor Isaac. His blog has great resources on a variety of topics for the Christian. His daily email digest sends a collection of read-worthy articles straight to your inbox each day!