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Isaac Rattin has a love for the Church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is very thankful that by God's grace he was called to serve at Faith Baptist Church in 2013. He graduated from Liberty University in 2002 and served as a Youth Pastor for 11 years at Holland Church in Holland, MA. While serving as a Youth Pastor he graduated from seminary with his Masters of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the spring of 2011. Isaac has a lovely wife Alicia and four children: Isaiah, Hudson, Lydia, and Meredith. He enjoys running, paddle-boarding, sports, and being held captive by the glory of God.

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Alex has been with FBC since 1987 after having been saved by the grace of Jesus. He spent time attending a church that emphasized rituals, but God got a hold of his heart and helped him realize that having religion was not enough and that he was hopelessly in sin without faith in Christ's atoning blood to cover him. He first started serving in the church by singing in a choir outreach, which had many opportunities to share the gospel in prisons and elsewhere. After this, he served on the missions team for several years, and has been faithfully serving as a deacon for many years. As a believer, he has a heart for the unborn and for those brothers and sisters in Christ who are shut-ins or in nursing homes. Alex is joyfully married to his wife Helen and enjoys God’s good gifts of music, water sports, and hunting.

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Dave has been with FBC for many years and has been faithfully serving as a deacon for a number of years. He has the joy of seeing our church from his home and we have the joy of seeing his horses from the church! Christ called him out of the darkness of his sin into His marvelous light and Dave readily testifies to the transforming power of the gospel in his own life. Dave is married to Louise and both of them passionately serve with the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA). Dave is a Chaplain with this ministry, taking the good news of Jesus on the road and serving many people who may otherwise not have an opportunity to hear Christ proclaimed.

Mike Coburn


Mike serves as a deacon and helps with our adult classes, children’s ministry, and website. He believes the good news of Jesus is the power of God for salvation. While Mike was raised in a church-going family, a relationship with God and the most important growth in his life has come from God deepening his understanding of the radical good news of Jesus's life, death, and resurrection and how it changes everything. The more he understands this good news, the more he sees his life filled with joy and transformed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Mike spent much of his early life in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, before he and his wife Amelia moved with their son to Massachusetts. He loves teaching and reading theology, as well as history, nerdy YouTube videos, and Star Wars. His favorite Christian author is Timothy Keller. He is a part-time Master’s of Divinity (MDiv) student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a pastoral intern under pastor Isaac.